A couple more shows

Last night I finally made time for Tuesday's season premiere of NCIS. Wow. That one was worth watching twice, maybe three times. They used great literary technique in devising how to reveal to the audience the movement of the plot and the show worked very well as a result. Strong themes were used, loneliness, vengeance, love and longing, betrayal and remorse, self-sacrifice---and all for a good cause. Great stuff! I can't recommend it enough. Contrast this show to the new one NCIS: LA and it's like great theatre versus boring puppet show. Zzzzzzz.

Last night I also watched Wednesday night's premiere of Eastwick. The show about witches! I was pleasantly surprised by the show and found it quite watchable.

Admittedly a lot of that had to do with the interesting screen chemistry of Rebecca Romijn. She's very easy to look at, and yet you can see why she was cast as a former-male in Ugly Betty. She's got a very strong bod, lionesque, perhaps. The show is a good mix of drama, comedy, and camp. It'll be interesting to see if they can find enough plot in the circumstances (3 witches in small town that's just been invaded by their mentor, presumably a demon or devil) to fill a season.

FlashForward was on last night, debuting the show, and there's an encore presentation of the show tonight. I was quite impressed with the production qualities. The writing, acting, and sets are all first rate. I'm definitely watching this show every week---as long as they don't pull a "Heroes" and fuck things up. Speaking of that, I've recorded Heroes from Monday but I think I'll wait a few weeks and see the first 3 or 4 episodes all at once on some cold rainy weekend.


Smug said…
I too am not feeling optimistic about the new crop of shows. While Eastwick was watchable, I have my doubts as to its staying power. I am right there with you on Cougartown and Accidently, funny but again, nothing to really grab me and hold my attention.

I recorded Flash Forward, and am looking forward to watching it. Although, I read somewhere that this show will be the new Lost and since that was a garbled piece of strange, I am now a bit concerned.

As far as returning shows, I was a little let down By CSY:NY, but enjoyed House. I really like Castle and found it's return enjoyable.

We will see if these shows both new and old will hold our attention for the long run!
kenju said…
I wanted to see Eastwick, but I fell asleep!

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