I have a 2-channel HD DVR, through DirecTV. Normally that's all I need and I'm very happy with it. But... tonight there's two-hour premieres for House (FOX) and Heroes (NBC) and on CBS there's The Big Bang Theory. What a dilemma!

The solution is going to involve a little tinkering. The only broadband available way out where I live is Roadrunner from Time Warner (nee AOL), and to get that you have to subscribe at least to the basic level tier of cable TV. So I do, I just don't use it. Well, just so I can see Big Bang Theory I'm going to get one of my extra TVs and hook it up to cable in my bedroom and watch the show back there while House and Heroes record in the living room.

This might cause my brain to crash. I'm not used to having to watch commercials on live TV.


Smug said…
I had the exact same dilemma!! I ended up skipping Heroes since I missed last season and have not had time to watch the whole thing on DVD yet - that may have to be my plan on some of these shows! Only catch up on DVD!!

There is too much to watch! Did you catch Jenna Elfman's new show? I watched about 5 minutes of it this morning and laughed twice, so maybe...

If I was not already spending way too much on TV and internet service, I would get another DVR for the bedroom!
kenju said…
We don't have a DVR, and I had to go to a meeting in my neighborhood last night and again tonight - and miss my favorite show - DWTS!! Life intrudes on my TV watching, that's for sure!!
Teresa said…
I had a similar problem last night too. I'm finding very little conflict with TV watching this season, but last night seemed chock full of things that interested me. I ended up recording House on an old VCR... but I can't preset it to go off, so it's always sketchy when I have to use that... will I remember to start recording on time? Will I remember to set it to the right channel? I think I did... haven't had time to go check the tape.

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