Zen and the art of Fridge Maintenance

Do you want to live a calm life, full of soothing thoughts and introspective moments? Like one of those commercials we see all the time on tv talking about zen?

Well, then keep your refrigerator cleaned out 'cause when you come across something like this (see picture to the left) it makes you want to barf! Yes, right then and there.

I really have to pay better attention to what's going on in the back reaches of my 'fridge. That dish was nasty---beneath the fuzzy stuff was some baked beans. Ewww! There were 3 other containers with, let's just say "expired," products in them. In fact one of the containers is going to have to be trashed. The plastic just looks "infected" even after washing.

The amazing thing is that we were able to sit down to a pork dinner just an hour after cleaning out that nastiness from the 'fridge. Maybe there's still a little zen left here, but it was shaky for a while. And it helped that most of the serious contact with gooiness wasn't done by me.


kenju said…
Men only like "certain kinds" of gooeyness, I think....lol

Unfortunately, my fridge has seen some of those messes, and probably has at least one now.
LJP said…
Mmm. Penicillin!!
Used*to*be*me said…
That's funny because I cleaned out my fridge last night and gagged through most of it. My kids have been gone a month, I haven't shopped, cooked, or done anything that didn't require pick up or delivery. It was gross.
Anonymous said…

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