A Walk in the Woods

I went to Little River Park in north Durham today on a group hike. The weather was great. Humid but not that hot since we got started early in the morning.

Most of my pictures in the woods didn't come out great because of the low light levels but the one below is an exception. I love the effect of the light dappled leaves and water.

Since we started at 8:30am and the park is quite a ways from me, I had to get out of the house by 7:40am. On a friggin' Sunday! As you can imagine, my system isn't used to that crap. My itchy ankles were particularly annoyed at this odd change in routine.

I'm glad I went but I doubt I'll go back to that trail. It's just a little too far from me to go there when I can get to Eno River, Duke Forest, and Occoneechee Mountain in 25-30 minutes.

The picture below is our first approach at the Little River. Due to the lack of rain, the name was quite appropriate. From the way the bank looked, I'd say the river was only a fifth of its normal size. You could easily walk across it at most places. Poor thing---it'll develop a complex.

The picture below is of most of the people I hiked with. I think there's 3 people missing from that picture. Me, for one, and two people scooted out at the 3 mile mark. Something to do with church, I believe. By the time we finished it was probably getting near 85f so it's a good thing we started early.


simplycol said…
The first picture is indeed very very nice. I too love to hike.. especially in the cool of a summers morn.
srp said…
You have recovered from the sand fleas? The bane of my existence here are the chiggers... itch, itch, itch... drive you crazy itching. Usually use camphor oil on them to help. Any problems with ticks on the hike?

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