Up They Go

For the first time in what seems like forever I woke up to a cool day that was going to stay that way. It's been months since I'd aired out the house and I lost no time in throwing open all the windows on my second story and many of the windows on my first floor. Please don't let any burglars know!

It's so nice to have the temperature not leave the 60s and 70s. From when I woke up this morning to right now, 11pm, it's been warmer in the house than outside. Gotta love it. And in a few hours September arrives with Fall weather. LOL Actually here in North Carolina we don't get real Fall weather for a while yet but it's nice to have this down payment hanging over us for a couple of days.


kenju said…
This cool spell is an anomaly!!
MyMailTAS said…
This sudden coolness is normal for us... school started today. For some reason, no matter how hot and humid it is prior to Day 1 of school, the weather changes for a few days when school is set to start. Luckily it's cool and dry -- sometimes we get dreary for Day 1. The forecasts say that it may stick around for at least a week. I don't mind (as the computer isn't overheating today), but admit to wearing a lot more clothes today! ;-)
Anonymous said…
I declare it to be fall!!!

(no, I do not care that in two weeks we will probably get hammered with 110 degrees. today it is fall and I am declaring fall and wearing a sweater!!!)
GA Girl said…
I've had my windows open for a few days - it's wonderful!

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