Sunday and Food Network

I watched the Food Network trifecta of young stars today. Melissa d'Arabian, Brian Boitano and Aaron McCargo. Two of them won The Next Food Network Star contest and the third is a famous ice skating Olympian. All young (40, 45, and 38 respectively) and good looking---especially Melissa. She's a cutie!

I thought Melissa had a very good show today (her third episode) but since the food was salmon and asparagus, I had no interest in duplicating her dishes. Blech. Boitano's second episode wasn't nearly as good as the first but even so it was far better than your average cooking show. That guy is a natural in front of the camera. However every one of his dishes used bacon. I'm the one person in the world that hates bacon. Nasty stuff. So that show, while interesting to watch, held no culinary appeal. Bacon martinis? Yikes. And Big Daddy did his routine of big BBQ type flavors which I don't like. Damn. I went 0 for 3 in the food inspiration department. But it was nice watching the shows anyway.

I ended up just making a giant pan of hashbrowns, drowning them in ketchup, and then eating them until I felt like I would explode. *boom*


Teresa said…
I couldn't make it through Brian Boitano's first show, so I probably will delete the second episode without watching it. I have no idea who the other people are -- the Food Network doesn't inspire me at all. The meatballs you showcased a few days ago sounded so horrible.... it may be awhile before I make meatballs. Maybe I'm not in a food mood? Hmmmm...

I do have to alter my diet of tomato sandwiches and yogurt though..
kenju said…
I had a note about Brian on my calendar and darn if I didn't forget it!

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