Ode to an Eve

I didn't watch the first 3 seasons of Top Chef on Bravo but I wish I had. This is a very interesting reality show.

The second episode of the 6th season aired tonight and even this early it's quite apparent that this is the best season I've seen yet. The only downside is that I've liked both chefs knocked off the show in these first two episodes.

In fact I thought the chef kicked off this week is adorable. Just something about her personality and looks. You could probably figure out a lot of things about my personality from this. LOL And little of it complimentary to me. But there weren't many chef skills demonstrated so being kicked off the show was no surprise. The weird thing is that she has a great pedigree in the culinary arts and owns and operates her own restaurant with earned honors in her field. Maybe there was something going on that had her distracted...

Switching gears a bit, this past Sunday the final episode of Top Chef Masters was aired and I was VERY impressed. The final 3 chefs demonstrated amazing skills and the format of that final show was tailored so that those skills could be properly highlighted. No silly games this time---they were just told a theme to hold to and the execution was totally up to the chefs. The perfect way to end that series and well worth watching if you're interested in food and cooking.

The current season of Top Chef seems a little off balance in one regard, the male chefs seem a lot better than the females. It might merely be an aspect of personality---the men might be more pushy and thus demonstrate skills faster---but for whatever reason, so far they're shining brighter than the women. Regardless, almost all the chefs this season have a lot of skill and that's definitely not been a strong characteristic in some of the past seasons. The two chefs voted off the show so far this season would have probably been able to hang on to near the end of any of the earlier seasons. This bodes well for the series.


jan said…
I have to confess to never having watched a TV cooking show, but you make them sound like high drama. I think I'll check them out.
Ciao Chow Linda said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and allowing me to find yours. I'm rooting for that woman from Philadelphia to win - She seems to come up with delicious food and seems like a professional, no-nonense kind of gal too.
Anonymous said…
I do admit to being a fan of many reality shows but must also admit to never having watched this one. Probably partly related to the fact that I have very few culinary talents and find my interest in food is more in the partaking of rather than in the preparing of. :-) The show sounds interesting though.

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