The Next Food Network Star

As most people who watch the Food Network know, the fifth season of The Next Food Network Star has been going on for the past few months. Tonight was the final episode.

**Spoilers Follow**

I didn't watch the first 3 seasons of the show so I don't know how well it played out in the past. I can only judge by the shows that have been hosted by past winners. And I'm not very impressed. But this season gives me a lot of hope.

The two finalists, Melissa D'Arabian and Jeffrey Saad were both great. I wish both of them had their own shows---or one show with both of them. They complement one another well. I did think that Jeffrey was a little better on his demo show than Melissa and Julie agreed with me (not an altogether common thing)--but we also both thought she had the advantage of having a better demographic to pull in. Something a cable network would obviously consider extremely important in deciding to whom to award a new show.

Congratulations to Melissa D'Arabian for being stronger than any of her competitors ever realized. Looking back on the season, it's interesting to ponder how much of Melissa's nervous habits and supposed inexperience was deliberate manipulation on her part. It obviously worked since she was rarely regarded as a threat by any of the other competitors.

Melissa was the most charming competitor, with the possible exception of Jeffrey, the runner-up, from the very first show all the way through to the end. It's nice to see a reality show in which the two best contestants actually end up placing number one and two.

Her new show? Tune in next Sunday at 12:30pm for Melissa’s show, Ten Dollar Dinners with Melissa d’Arabian. I'm disappointed that they did not stick with the “kitchen survival guide” show idea. The ten dollar gimmick is just another show in a long list of budget food shows. Why have another one?

In case you're curious, the picture is of a fork in an egg mixture. I took the picture tonight as we were making some fried rice with pork.


jan said…
I love food and reality shows are my guilty pleasures. How have I missed this show?
I love the Food Channel, but never seem to get around to clicking on it.
Anonymous said…
I recognized what the photo was about (nice one.. by the way) but must admit to never watching the food channel. I seem to have missed out on the cooking gene.

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