Harris Lake

I went hiking today at Harris Lake Park. It's down in southwestern Wake County and features a 4,100 acre man-made lake which serves partially as a cooling pool for the Harris Nuclear Plant.

That's the cooling tower from the nuclear plant over there on the left. Kinda pretty in a concretey way. Of course all the greenery and blue water in the picture make for a nice setting.

The 3 pictures below were also taken on this hike. I met up with my hiking partner quite early in the morning since the temps were slated to hit 100f by afternoon---and I melt at that kinda temperature. By 8am we were at the lake and started the 5 mile trail that circle around on the eastern side of Harris Lake.

My favorite spot on the hike is shown in that picture below. The two trees shown in that picture were magnificent. Not huge, but very serene and moving to the spirit. I don't know why they had that affect but we both felt it. The picture, of course, can't do justice.

The other two pictures are of critters that we met. The typical picture of a deer. I like posting those---if nothing else, it irritates Teresa. (sorry Tazz) And also a picture of two toads that should please Judy. (Hi Judy!) She's been suffering in the heat this weekend as she's been readying a lot of floral arrangements for weddings.

I liked Harris Park quite a bit and wish it was closer to where I live. It's got Frisbee golf, a kayak and canoe launch, cycling trails with 3 levels of difficulty, and even play areas for kids. Plus the hiking trails, of course.


jan said…
Lovely area, would seem to make a good case for nuclear energy.

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