Creme is the one

Way back when, in the days that I was a little kid, my Mom would buy the generic soda at the Grand Union ---as I recall, the symbol on the cans was a penguin--- and my favorite flavor was the creme soda.

Every once in a while I get a jones, if you will, for the taste of that creme soda. Not many companies make that flavor anymore so when I happened to notice Creme Soda from Jones Soda Co in a Food Lion yesterday I couldn't resist buying it.

I think I've mentioned on here that I'm often on the frugal side. So my first criteria was price---and the Jones Soda was the same price as the generic, surprisingly enough. As soon as I picked it up I discovered why. Instead of coming in a 12-pack, the cans were packaged in an 8-pack. So in reality the soda cost 50% more per can. But it was worth it to scratch that psychological itch. Since my legs are still driving me nuts with physical itchiness I certainly don't want psychological itches bedeviling me as well.

Above you could see what the cans look like and to the left you can see what the outside of the box looks like. What's really cute is the inside of the box, seen below. They have the signatures of all the people that work to produce the soda.

The company is amazingly responsive to individuals whether they're consumers, employees, or investors. Their website is quite impressive in how much interaction they embrace with individuals. You can even upload pictures and buy soda with your own labels on them---but it's pricey. $30 for a dozen bottles.

The About Jones Soda web page gives historical details about the company.
The company's start in the beverage world was not as a manufacturer of its own brand, but as a distributor in western Canada of other successful lines, including Just Pik't Juices, Arizona Iced Tea and Thomas Kemper sodas. By 1994, Jones was firmly established as a full line beverage distributor in western Canada, with a reputation for picking winners.

As of August 1st, 2000, Urban Juice and Soda Company Ltd. officially changed its name to Jones Soda Co ("JONES"). The story of the company began in 1987 when company founder and president, Peter van Stolk, recognized the potential of emerging "alternative" products in the beverage industry.

And they've got a lot of interesting flavors. How about Green or Red Apple, Fufu Berry, Orange & Cream, or Crushed Melon? And all using cane sugar. None of that nasty HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) found here!

I like it when a company gives the impression of being consumer driven. I'll have to try their soda in glass bottles. I've always liked the taste of beverages from glass containers more than aluminum or plastic. I don't know if it's psychological or not... maybe someday I'll have someone do a blind taste test with me on that. I'd like to know if I can really taste the difference or if it's all in my head.

Another flavor I like is Birch Beer. I wonder who still sells that?


rosemary said…
They serve Jones soda on Alaska Airlines...not by the can of course...they are chintzier that that...only by the glass.
Teresa said…
My son likes to search for the unique flavors. We don't have Jones brand here, but he's researched it and decided it's too much of an investment, especially since he's given up sugar anyway. He still buys odd varieties of black cherry flavored soda when he sees one he hasn't tried. Birch beer is fairly easy to get here... A-treat (which used to be the closest to generic when I was a kid; we'd end up getting a case of quart bottles when flu season hit to settle our stomachs. That was pretty much the only time we had soda in our house)is common as is Pennsylvania Dutch brand. I think Stewart's has a version too, but that's one of the expensive ones (you get a six pack of bottles for about $4.50).

My nostalgic soda craving is grape soda. I like to drink it mixed with ginger ale. Yum. But as I can't drink sugared varieties, finding it in a diet version is even harder than finding it at all. :-( But you could look for me!
Teresa said…
Oh... forgot... I also like things from glass better. I'm not sure why that is. While I can drink juice from a plastic bottle or carton, I can't drink it if it comes in a can. I still prefer glass, but it's rare to find things in glass anymore -- even spaghetti sauce is in plastic half the time.
My favorite Dum Dum lollipop flavors are Creme Soda and Pineapple. I also used to like Creme Soda (the drink), but haven't had any in a long time.
kenju said…
I like Jones orange creme!
Nikki-ann said…
Mmm... I've not had cream soda in a long time! :D
ekobanget said…
i like it..
Anonymous said…
Reminds me of the Tom Thumb soda pop we used to have as a kid in Minnesota. I think it was probably regional and has been gone forever now. The cream soda was the best I've ever tasted, but even better than that was the black cherry... oh, now I want one! And I want to fly to Arizona to give one to my mom. She used to love them right along with me. Thanks for the memory jog!

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