Ankle Biters

This is a follow up to yesterday's post about the hike in Harris Lake Park.

What can I say? These pictures say it all.

The sandflea bites itch like crazy. I read online that it hurts when the buggers bite you but I didn't even notice. The biting was going on between 8:30am when we started hiking and 11am when we finished the hike and brushed off the fleas before getting in the car. Cheryl was bothered by the bites immediately but I didn't feel any itching until around 3pm, hours after I'd gotten home.

I might have started late on the itching thing but I'm making up for it with longevity. Damn but these things itch. I'm typing this at almost 11:30pm on Tuesday, two and a half days after getting bitten and the bites are still horribly itchy. And that's with lots of 2% creme on the bites and antihistamine tablets in me.

Evil, nasty sandfleas!

But even with all that, I'd still love to do that hike again. The next time I go there I'll wear something that the sandfleas won't be able to get through. Maybe my neoprene kayaking socks. Only thing is, the sandfleas would probably just keep crawling upward until they reach flesh. I don't want to guide them too far up! Damn sandfleas.


Thumper said…
Ow. Ow. Ow ow ow ow...
rosemary said…
Those are nasty looking. Had the same thing when we vacationed in Jamaica a decade ago. Do you think the pharmacies there had plain ole cortisone cream? No. I ended up getting the Jamaican version of hemorrhoid cream that worked OK.
Teresa said…
Cortisone cream never helps with me... other than rubbing it in serves to help scratch the itch. Mostly, I swab (or sometimes POUR) rubbing alcohol on effected areas or sometimes ice to numb it for awhile. I could speculate as to why you didn't feel the bites as they happened, but that would be mean. I'll just hope that it clears up soon and you are comfy once more.

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