Second Day in a Row

I went hiking again today but this time I went by myself. Julie decided she wanted to have breakfast instead of tramping around in the woods. Silly girl!

I wanted to get pictures of some deer today and for that you have to either get an early start---or a late one. Since I was having trouble sleeping and woke up at 3am I decided to read for a few hours and then go after those deer that hadn't gone to sleep yet.

Isn't that first picture pretty? I love the green of ferns contrasted against dark shades of brown and black. The fallen log adds some contrast in this picture--as does the path though not quite as well.

Since I wanted to get a picture of a deer, I was walking fairly quietly---and I was lucky enough to approach this doe before she realized I was around.

She was quite a ways away and I had to use my camera zoomed all the way out. The only reason the shot worked was that the doe was standing in a bright spot in a clearing. Had she been in the shaded woods I'd never have been able to come up with a usable shot. I just can't hold a camera stable that's been zoomed out that far for a long exposure. But enough about my problems!

After taking a couple initial pictures I crept a little closer and she heard me. Her head whipped around but it still took her a few seconds to spot me. This picture was taken just before she was sure where I was.

If you look at the large version of the picture you can see that she's got her neck stretched forward as she's searching for the source of the sound she heard. I tried a few more shots after that but she had moved just a half foot or so, but it was enough so that her head was hidden by a branch.

This last picture was taken a few minutes later after I'd worked my way around the doe and started taking pictures on a different side. The entire time I was moving, the deer kept moving so she was facing the direction I was in.

She was a suspicious sort but she never ran away. After a few more pictures that didn't come out as well, I departed leaving her to eat in peace.


kenju said…
I sure wish I could have gotten better photos of the four that visited me this week. Yours are just lovely!
Smug said…
Can I be nosey and ask what kind of camera you have? I am in the market. I figure with a baby coming I need something really great to capture everything!!
srp said…
I think she is making eyes at you.... such beautiful creatures.
Nikki-ann said…
Sounds & looks like a great place to go hiking.

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