Peppers and Glory

Happy 4th of July to y'all. It's a lovely sunny morning here in eastern NC. Just hitting 70 degrees at 8am with clear skies and lots of potential for a nice day.

I took these two pictures this morning. The morning glories on my deck are just starting to bloom. In a week or two the entire side of my house will be covered in these beauties. It's worth having to clean up after the vines to have so many lovely blooms around on summer mornings.

The bell peppers in the picture below are starting to get big enough to be considered food and not just cute ornaments. Unfortunately some of the insect life agrees with me. Damn but I hate to share my food with others!


kenju said…
I should have planted morning glories on my deck fence years ago. That is a beautiful site!!
Nikki-ann said…
Beautiful :)
srp said…
The blue is gorgeous.... and the peppers look a lot bigger than that hot, hot, hot, hot pepper trying to look like a mini-bell pepper.

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