Have you ever been seeing someone for several months only to find it was all due to pretense?

That's what has just happened to me. The culprit? Julie, over there on the left, of course. Women are devious.

I had been under the impression that Julie had been spending a lot of time at my house due to her wanting to be around me. But no, that's not the case. Today, in a unsettling development, Julie revealed that a semi-permanent guest at her house is living in her study/sewing room. And she wants to use my study and sewing machine!

The pattern below is what she started on today but according to Julie, she'd like to use my sewing machine a lot in the next few months. Apparently our time together up to now was just setting the hook. Now that she thinks that she's got me where she wants me, her real motives are being revealed. It's my space and toys that she's really interested in.

You can see her perfidious fingers below as they lead material along, shepherding it to where she wants it to go. I feel a certain kinship to that cloth.

Warning: certain liberties have been taken with facts in this post


kenju said…
Hey, don't knock it, Dave. She might make you a bathrobe too!!
Thumper said…
Just do the guy thing and go with your first impressions ;)
tiff said…
She uses your sewing machine, you get benefits.

Wait, you have a sewing machine???
Malibu Stacy said…
Be fair. She got the air conditioning fixed and now she needs a robe to keep her warm while you're out earning the money to pay the electric bill.
srp said…
What kind of semi-permanent guest?
If it is a boa... then she has a point there... or would you like to help her evict.
I think you are pulling our collective legs....
utenzi said…
I didn't think of that interpretation, Roxanne. The guest in Julie's sewing room is human, mostly.

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