Isn't that a cute little kitty in that picture below?

As you can probably tell, that's the neck of a t-shirt. But before you think I'm getting soft on my anti-cat stance...

Examine the shirt more closely. Here's the shirt, and as you can see--it illustrates birds getting revenge on those mean ole kitty cats, to quote Tweetie-bird. Or at least the birds are trying--so far the cat is only tempted by that fish dangling in the air.

In any case, that's the shirt I'm wearing right now. I think it's important to let everyone else know where you draw the line. And I draw my line at cats.

Speaking of lines, another is Windows. That crappy OS is trying to reboot my laptop and it's really starting to annoy me. I can't wait to replace Windows with Linux on my laptop---but unfortunately as long as I need it the laptop at work I have to stick with damn Windows. At least on my desktop at home I can use Ubuntu.

BTW, does anyone reading this watch the TNT show Leverage? I really liked it last season but this current season (second week now) just doesn't seem as good to me. The villains are as bad and the plotting of the devious scheme the Leverage team comes up with are kinda lame. A big disappointment so far for the sophomore season.


Blonde Goddess said…
Threadless is an awesome t-shirt place. Miss KIA has quite a few of their things and I have several.
I have the Viking shirt, (of course) and the sunflower one.
LOVE both of them! They're great!
Smug said…
I love Leverage! I loved every second of the first season and I am loving the second season too - any excuse to see Elliot fight is good enough for me!

I have not watched last nights episode yet, but I liked the first two well enough. Maybe it will take a few weeks for them to hit a stride. I am looking forward to getting the first season on DVD too!

BTW - I don't really care for cats much either. I don't dislike them, I just don't want any of their hair (fir?) getting on my and making me itch!
Teresa said…
I loved last season and really looked forward to this one. I only saw the first episode. It was all right, but I admit that it was a little disappointing. I blamed it on the topic -- fighting is of no interest to me (and super-hero fighter crap always annoys me. This episode had way too much of that!). And the last "scheme" took the cooperation of too many outsiders for it not to have fallen apart. But besides that, everyone seems to have lost their edge. It's hard to believe that all these loners reformed and were lost out there in the big bad world. Still, I'm going to continue watching it... hopefully, the first one was just a clumsy contrivance to bring the team together again (though doing it above a bar doesn't seem too secure!).

That T-shirt shows how stupid birds are more than revenge on a cat. Cats are smart and very patient -- I'd bet that cat would wait for the birds to get tired rather than bite on the fish. Who wouldn't rather kill a poultry dinner than settle for a stinky fish? Hmmm....
GA Girl said…
Cats are wonderful - soft and furry and purring and warm and loving and mysterious

Too bad men can't be more like them.
You'd be surprised at how high cats can jump if they want something! :-)
Anya said…
I love that tshirt
Its so lovely (I am a Cat friend);)
from The Netherlands
Anya :)
Kareltje =^.^=

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