Horn Blowing

How tired are you of boasting? I've gotten so tired of it that every time I hear the slogan “Best political team on television” I switch the channel. CNN sucks so bad these days that it's embarrassing to hear them boast about their political coverage. The morons can't even cover basic news anymore.

Just the other day I heard a CNN segment covering the new spate of healthcare reform ads as if they were news. Come on, guys--these are ads being paid for with PAC money. It's not unbiased. There's no need to analyse the ads if they were actual news. It can make you wonder if the PAC money is just going for ads. Maybe buying some air time on a national news cable network is within their budget too.

From what I've read, there's a lot of PAC money on both sides of the issue but so far I've only seen ads smearing the Obama Administration's healthcare reform efforts. Of course since I routinely zap commercials, I rarely see any.

But getting back to CNN bashing, it's gotten to the point that CNN resembles newsradio. It's a bunch of opinions stated by windbag "reporters" with little effort made to actually follow or report the story. And speaking of stories, maybe they could air more than 2 or 3 stories at a time---I know reporters are covering them on the ground, why not air the coverage so we can see the stories too?

Even the fabled LCD must be getting tired of that Jackson fellow along with the latest crop of dead celebrities. Even on the slowest newsday of the year I'm not going to give a damn about some faded star that hasn't done decent work in decades. Which in my book describes Jackson, Majors, McMahon, Malden, Cronkite, Carradine and Mays. And speaking of dead celebrities, did you know that Marilyn Chambers died at age 56 back in April? I never even noticed.

I wish I'd missed the coverage of the more recent crop as well. I assure you that I have tried but Jackson and Majors just got placement everywhere and then you have the Jackson versus Majors crap. Oy. Every newscast, late night show, talk show, magazine, and gossip show covered this. Probably even some comic books have. Enough!


Teresa said…
I haven't a clue what you are riled up about -- other than possibly you aren't in control of your own viewing... That can annoy, I admit.

I have no idea who Jackson and Majors are... is this a local thing in your area? I've also seen no commercials regarding the healthcare issue, though it is mentioned in a minor way on my local news. While I have definite opinions on the subject, it's not changed since before the election -- either the propoganda isn't working or (more likely), I'm not being exposed to it. Consider not exposing yourself, Dave. Why get yourself so riled? Whatever happens will happen -- riled or not.

Nice to see you venting though, love!
Cynnie said…
i watch bbcamerica , or sometimes a spanish news show..it shows news , real news and not just what pop star in america dropped dead..
cnn and fox are shit ..
total shit
utenzi said…
Teresa, it's encouraging that at least one person in this country hasn't been inundated with news about Michael and Farrah. Personally, I'm sick of it.
jan said…
I got addicted to CNN during the Gulf War when they showed us live, unedited coverage. We could watch the entire news conferences and briefings instead of hearing what someone thought they were about.

Then when we saw the news accounts on network TV we said, "That isn't what happened at all."

Exciting television news coverage.

I haven't watched CNN in years. Glad to know I've made the right choice.

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