Hike on the Poet's walk at Ayr Mount

That's a slightly pretentious title but that's the kinda place that it is. Big house, huge estate type grounds, and very well maintained. House tours are $10 and walking the trail around on the grounds is free. Wanna guess which option I took?

This, as you can probably surmise, is a very young deer. The little thing was resting in the grass just short of the forest. No mom around so I guess she came to her senses and ditched the fawn. Call Child Services!

How would you like a nice pond in your backyard? That's what you see below. Way up on that hill above and to the left of the pond is the main house. When you sit out on the back area of the house you look out over the grassy hill and pond. Nice! 


Michael Manning said…
Hi, Utenzi! This was a fabulous post after a very long day and it left me refreshed. Thanks for posting the great pics! :)
kenju said…
I was there twice before they charged admission to the house, but if you are a florist delivering flowers for a wedding, you can get in free! LOL

I never had time to do that hike, but just being on the grounds is an experience in serenity.
jan said…
Free is always good, but I can't ever pass up looking through great old houses.

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