Evening Hike

I went hiking for a couple of hours this evening at Duke Forest. I started around 6pm and got back to my car just after 8pm.

It wasn't all that hot, low 80s, but it was very humid and I wasn't wearing clothes for hiking. On the other hand, wearing long pants, socks, and collared shirt probably helped keep ticks off me---and that's a good thing. The woods are full of ticks though not quite as bad as last year.

The first picture is from a descent that leads down to the river. The second picture is of the river about a half mile away from where I took the first picture.

It was so humid that by the time I got to the river I was pretty damp. Hell, within the first 20 minutes of hiking I was soaked with sweat and it probably never got much worse. The excess sweat just dripped off me and onto the trail.

You'd think a hike like that would have been unpleasant---but it wasn't. The mechanics of keeping the sweat out of my eyes was annoying but the hike itself was very nice. It's a very pretty area. I like walking the trails in Duke Forest and Eno River Park quite a bit.


kenju said…
We have never been to either one, and it's just dumb! I love places like that.
srp said…
The ticks here are horrendous this year... they don't hitch a ride on the dog or bite her.. but all I have to do is walk behind the fence and between the preserve and the fence and I will find one later that evening, either crawling on me or on the floor of my room. I would seriously consider spraying for them but the environmentalists would probably be all over me faster than the ticks.

This place does look cool... although we really can't complain that much.. we've only had a week of really, really 90+ temps.... so far.

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