I was watching a rerun of House the other night and it struck me that the guest star (Christine Woods) reminded me a lot of the actress (Robin Tunney) that plays Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon of the CBI in The Mentalist. The pictures of the two actresses are below.

The episode of House that I was watching was Dying Changes Everything, which opened the 5th season. That's the 3rd time I've seen that episode and each time it impresses me. The title also struck me as funny, in the coincidence way, because I happened to be reading a novel titled Everyone Dies that day. The book, written by Michael McGarrity, was pretty good. I'm reading his current novel now, Dead or Alive. The titles aren't thematic, it's just another coincidence that both are death related. Most of McGarrity's titles have a New Mexico theme, which is the location where his detective novels are placed.


kenju said…
They are very similar in appearance.
srp said…
They do look a lot alike... the eyes are very different. Robin Tunney has huge eyes!
Cynnie said…
i dont see it :(
Anonymous said…
House.. another show I have never seen but have heard plenty about. Another show I really should check out.

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