Demon Deer

I went hiking today after work. There were thunderstorms rolling through the area so it was kinda dark and since I didn't want my good camera to get wet, I used my backup camera. Just in case.

So, towards the end of the hike I see these two deer pretty far away in the woods. I try to take a photo with my zoom out at 12X but it was just too dark. The picture here was a 1.5 second exposure. Even braced against a tree I couldn't hold the camera steady enough for the shot to work.

So, I decided---what the hell---even though they're pretty far away I'll try my flash. Result? Demon deer.


Teresa said…
What is wrong with you? Why would you go hiking in the woods when thunderstorms are coming through? A wet camera should be the least of your concerns!

I'm tired of pictures of deer, so I really don't care if these came out... but at least we know you came back alive!
utenzi said…
It's the trees that need to worry, they're a lot taller than I am. It was so humid out there that by the time I was back at my car, it might as well have rained on me. I was soaked. Nothing like heat and humidity to wring you out.
kenju said…
I can't believe you were out in that today. Did you get hung up in the traffic pile-up on I40?
Smug said…
I like Demon Deer! I see Demon dear on my way to work every morning. We have a family of about 7 that are always in the yard and on the road when I leave the house at 5am. They don't run when they see my car coming - they just glare at me!

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