Wine in a box?

For as long as I can remember, people have looked down on folk that drank wine from a box.

That's probably because boxed wine is typically cheap and sold in grocery stores. Just not any snob appeal there.

But this might change soon. It seems that some scientists in Canada are reporting that multilayer aseptic cartons of wine (aka "boxed wines") may help reduce levels of substances that contribute odors to wine and can lower its quality. Neat, huh? Here's the reference if you want to read about it.

Dr. Gary Pickering, Chair & Professor of Biological Sciences/Wine Science at Brock University has conducted research showing that trace amounts of chemicals called alkyl-methoxypyrazines are generally negative to wine quality. The chemicals give wine an unpleasant green taste by masking the desirable fruity and floral flavors.

Pickering's results? Boxed wine had less alkyl-methoxypyrazines -- up to 45 percent less -- than any other type of packaging. Pretty impressive, huh? Kinda makes those boxed wines look a whole lot better. One caveat though, boxed wines have evidence of greater oxidation of the wine, which itself is undesirable during wine storage. So the shelf life is a lot shorter when in a box. So you'd better drink it fast. Once it gets to be a year or so old, it gets nasty.


It's also eco-friendly. That box can be recycled! :-) I'm a box wine fan, but only because I'm a cheap hobo.
Teresa said…
My sister-in-law is a fan of boxed wines. Trust me, there's no danger that it won't get consumed fast enough. I really don't drink enough to make it an issue for me, but it doesn't seem that there's much variety available. Maybe that'll change with these findings. If something I liked came in a box and I was drinking it with any regularity, I'd definitely purchase it that way. Boxes are much easier to store in the fridge than an open bottle.
srp said…
I thought you were going to say that chemicals from the plastic seep into the wine and cause cancer... practically everything causes cancer. It might be that the chemicals in cigarettes and the unavoidable bombardment by those sun spot particles cause the majority of genetic breaks leading to cancer... you never know.
rosemary said…
I drank Boone's Farm in a bottle....doesn't get much worse.
kenju said…
I heard about that on the radio. We don't drink enough wine for it to matter, but I'd buy it in a box if they put my favorite brand in it.
Thumper said…
I don't drink wine, but friends who do love wine in a box...must be halfway decent, at least.
Michael Manning said…
I am deathly allergic to wine and haven't had any in almost 8 years. However, I don't miss it.

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