Weekend in Pictures

It was bloody hot here this weekend. Way up in the 90s on Saturday and in the low 90s both Friday night and Sunday.

It was not a weekend to be spending a lot of time outdoors---so we didn't. Cooking and reading were the name of the game this time.

I was reading Michael Connelly's new book The Scarecrow and Julie was reading an old favorite, PG Wodehouse's Carry On, Jeeves.

On the food side, we had rotisserie chicken and bakery bread on Friday night then used the leftover chicken to make risotto for Saturday with mushrooms and snow peas. Sunday morning had Julie making some Potatoes O'Brien and me eating them. A lovely division of labor, y'know? I can eat all day whereas I'm only good for an hour or so of cooking per day.

BTW, I really enjoyed The Scarecrow and heartily recommend it. It's currently on the Best Sellers list so you can get it at a good discount. It's the sequel to Connelly's book The Poet which was published way back in 1996. The Poet was Connelly's fifth book to be published and the first novel to star a character other than LAPD detective Harry Bosch. These two books are interesting because the main character is a crime reporter, which just happens to be Michael Connelly's background. Not surprising then is how much the fine details of the profession come forth. Next up I'm reading the new novel by John Sandford, Wicked Prey. I've never read one of his Prey novels that I didn't like.


kenju said…
The food looks great!
Blonde Goddess said…
I am definitely going to check out those books.
I read a book yesterday but it wasn't that great. I'm always looking for something to capture my attention.
Shammickite said…
I'll add those books to my "to-read-one-day" book list. Currently I'm reading "Birdsong" by Sebastian Foulkes... about WW1, very graphic descriptions of what warfare does to a body. Don't read if you're squeamish.
Oh, and there's some raunchy sex in it too.
srp said…
You've been watching those cooking competition shows again haven't you....trying to get a bit fancy with the catsup I see. ; )

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