Thunder and Lightning

A storm passed over last night and it was loud in both the visual and auditory sense. As you can see in the following 3 pictures, the storm definitely put on a display.

The first picture is from my front yard. I was sitting on my front steps until the rain hit and then I retreated slightly so the porch roof would keep me and my camera dry.

It was kinda odd. There was a good 45 minutes of strong windy thunderstorm before any rain hit. At first all the lightning was off to the west so it was understandable that the rain hadn't arrived yet. Yet even after I was getting pictures of lightning on the other side of my house, the east side, the rain still hadn't arrived. Odd.

These other two pictures are from the back of my house. I moved to this side after the wind driven rain in the front of the house made it too uncomfortable to take pictures there.

I took these shots about 2 minutes apart and they're the best two from the eastern side of my house. In all, I got about 20 pictures of lightning but these three were the best. I took several in which the lightning was so intense that it overloaded the chip in my digital camera. Those were odd looking shots.

All of these pictures were taken in the night shot mode on my camera. It's essentially a 6 second exposure with the aperture wide open. Everything would be a blur if it wasn't for the lightning acting like a strobe light.


kenju said…
LOVE that middle pic. In the last one, I can see a man running in the foliage on the right side.Really.
utenzi said…
That's interesting, Judy. Now that you mention it, I can see him too. He's at the top and running to the left towards that cut off limb.
tiff said…
I see him too! Pretty cool both the shots and the lil' man.
srp said…
OK, I really need to get out of my "literal translation" mode... I was looking for a real man..

These are great... you used a tripod?
I got better lightning shots from my really old Nikon Coolpix than I do from this Canon DSLR. Of course during the evening before dark it is even harder to get a good shot.

We finally got a ton of rain from that storm... I think it drifted down from the north and was a bit unusual. They showed the gusting wind line that actually showed up on the radar, before the main rain. But remember... if you can hear the thunder, you are close enough to be struck. I heard on the news locally that a young toddler was struck and killed by lightning here in our area this week... just be careful.
Shephard said…
14 years in Central FL, one of the lightening capitals of the world (not kidding), and I never attempted shots like these. ~S

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