South of the Border

Julie and I are on our first day of vacation down south.

Don't let the hat fool you, we're not vacationing in Mexico---we're only a little ways south. And no, we're not at that kitschy place on the SC/NC border either.

We are at my parent's place in South Carolina. For 4 days of sun, fun, and lots of heat. It's going to be in the low to mid-90s every damn day. *whew* I'm going to try to get out in the kayak every day but it's not going to be easy. And Julie insists on going with me. (ok, not so much)

Julie is more likely going to be pursuing dead folk. A lot of her family is buried in this county. As far as we know, the interring was done in a timely fashion and Julie wasn't directly involved. But I'm keeping my eyes open. Practically all night long, in fact, ever since she told me. When almost all a person's relatives are dead--you get a little suspicious!

And this is me coming back to the dock after a short paddle. I went out at 1pm and it was just too damn hot to go very far.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go for a nice long trip and get some pictures of the sun rising over the lake. By the time it's 7am, the light really isn't all that great for pictures anymore.


kenju said…
Shouldn't you have a hat on when you're on the water?
Tell J to keep up with the cleavage shots! Wooo-hooo!
srp said…
Oh, I have been at that weird place just across the border... with the tall tower and the mexican hat. OH MY!! The only place more tacky is Vegas.

Wear a hat... please... you should know better... melanoma waiting to happen. Have fun and fill up with gas before coming back... SC still has some of the lowest gas prices although I did find a station here with $2.39 today.
Mike Althouse said…
Very nice... reminds me a little of a place my aunt and uncle have in Mississippi. I'll have to stop back by to see if you got those early morning pictures.

Tanya sent me this morning,

rosemary said…
Hat from me too, does look refreshing on the water. So, Julie to the i hear the need for a floral arrangement from Judy in your future?
Smug said…
If you get hot in the kayak, can you just flip it over for a nice cool dunk in the lake??

Of course, that might be bad for the camera...
Michael Manning said…
When I was a kid, my brother's girlfriend gave me a book as a gift called "North to Adventure" and it involved Kayaking with great detail. I admire your skill!!

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