Rabbit and Dinner

Like the title says, we have a picture here of a rabbit and one of dinner. Both pictures taken today. It was a lovely sunny day with just a hint of threatening rain clouds in the distance. And that's not a metaphor for the rabbit either.


kenju said…
Pork Loin?? Looks GOOD!
kenju said…
Oh, no...did you eat rabbit?
utenzi said…
The first guess takes the money. I've only had rabbit twice and didn't like it either time. Besides, they're so cute with their skin on why take it off?
srp said…
Pork loin sounds wonderful.. I think the heat and the construction project have made us all a little tired here and we haven't cooked much the last two weeks. We have lived on soup and sandwiches and occasional pasta. That looks good... I am with Judy.. very glad that this little rabbit didn't grace your plate.

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