This past weekend was interesting. Both Julie and I were feeling under the weather and never left the house.

She was having persistent migraines that just wouldn't leave for long and I was enduring an annoying sinus infection.

Just to keep busy, Julie decided to paint the master bathroom. A few years back I'd painted it red and did an absolutely horrible job of it. So last week when we were at Wal-mart I noticed some remaindered paint that was just $6 a gallon and decided it was time to brighten up the bathroom a little.

The paint color can be seen in that picture up there. Julie did the first coat on Saturday while I was mowing the yard and she did the second coat on Sunday while I was playing with the chipper / shredder for a few hours.

The color isn't the greatest but there weren't a whole lot of choices and this one fit our needs best. Julie did a great job applying the paint and now I just have to put all the hardware back up. I got started yesterday but decided not to tighten anything to the wall since the paint still felt a little tacky. So I just put the support brackets back up and refastened the outlet covers.


srp said…
She painted with migraines? Didn't the fumes make them worse? Neutral colors do go with everything... she did a nice job.
kenju said…
If you're in the mood to paint, come over here.
Teresa said…
I'm so glad that the RED is gone!

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