I have this week off from work. Originally I was going to go to my parent's house for most of the week. Spend some time with them, catch up, all that.

But the plan changed and so I'm spending a few days at home instead--and then going to their house. Probably a good thing since there's a lot here that needs work. Today I spend 90 minutes mowing the back half of my lot. It was really overgrown from all the rain we had last week so I mowed on the highest setting. It's even now but it's still pretty deep out there.

See those berries over there? No, they're not from my lawn. It's not quite that overgrown out there. At lest not yet. Actually I went hiking in the late afternoon despite the heat and went back to that place with the gravel quarry, Occoneechee Mountain park. And that's where I got the picture of the berries.

I also wore those new shoes I posted about on Thursday to try them out. They were just a little tight but worked pretty well anyway. They'll be great for everyday use and can be used hiking as long as there's not a lot of downhill scrambling. That's where the tight toebox stuff really gets you.

It might not be easy to tell, but that's a picture of a deer I saw in the woods during my hike. There were a lot of deer out today but it's difficult to get the camera to focus on them with all the branches in the way. There's just too much underbrush to get good pics---at least at the kind of distances I was shooting at. Each time I tried to get a picture I had to use the maximum zoom (12X).

At least that wasn't a problem with this little guy. My lens was only a couple of inches away from him---and he wasn't very happy about it either.

As soon as I took one picture I scooted off and left him alone. I'm sure he sighed in relief. I have that effect on amphibians for some reason.


srp said…
Wow! That toad has great camouflage. I had to enlarge the picture to pick him out.
rosemary said…
There is something special about seeing deer in the forest....even if i see them every day. Emma our kitten brought a frog upstairs Sunday as a gift. we have a playpen off the slider for the cats and this froggie must have jumped inside. thankfully it was still intact and relocated.
Michael Manning said…
Utenzi: Great photos and story. Reminded me so much of the deer I saw while living in Ohio where their habitat is quickly disappearing.

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