A Day on the Lake

I'm milking my trip to my parents' place for yet another post. This time it's about the family enjoying a day on the lake together.

We started off with a nice ride around Lake Hartwell in a pontoon boat. Half of us were in the front, suffering in the hot and blazing sun, and the rest were being wienies in the shaded back.

It was actually quite pleasant in the sun as long as we were moving along quickly. Unfortunately there were quite a few ventures into scenic places that were "low wake" areas which translates to "go so slow that you literally broil in your own sweat" areas. Learn from my experience people: when it's hot, go fast!

As you can see in the picture below, even little boats with dogs in the front staring down the waves were going faster than we were. *sigh* Did I mention how hot it was?

In the next picture you can see us, lighter by a few pounds of sweat, heading back into the dock. Time to rehydrate! My brother was so eager to get back that he was preparing to jump overboard...

And here's two of his sons doing some of that jumping though they chose to jump off the dock and not the boat. They were doing this for nearly an hour and I think some kind of game was involved---but I never did get the hang of what the rules were.

This fellow wasn't invited but he did an aerial reconnaissance anyway. He flew within about 6 feet of us and landed on the next dock and kept staring at us. Maybe he thought we were in possession of large amounts of small fish...


kenju said…
I love pontoon boats. My cousin has one on Boone Lake in TN., and it is so pleasant on the water.
Michael Manning said…
Hey, Utenzi! This was a great Blog Post. I felt I was a member of your crew just reading this! Wonderful story and photos!!

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