Dawn to Day

I got an early start on the day due to Julie's help. Let's just say that not everyone sleeps silently...

And as a result I got to see the sun rise over the trees while kayaking up Lake Hartwell. I had to turn around to get this shot since the sun was rising behind me.

The weather was quite fickle though. While it dawned bright and clear, within 20 or 30 minutes it really clouded up quite a bit. In the picture below, taken around an hour later in a sailboat marina, the sky looked stormy and I was sure that it'd be pouring most of the way home.

That rain never materialized but the sky stayed overcast and stormy looking until around 11am. My glasses kept fogging up due to the high humidity outside and the amount of heat I was giving off. There's nothing like paddling in high 80s temps when there's no wind to speak of to make you really sweaty and hot.

It was a really nice day to take pictures but I sure was wishing for some wind...


kenju said…
The sunrise photo is really nice!
Teresa said…
As long as Julie doesn't wake her dead relatives, she probably sleeps quietly enough. From all reports, you are a light sleeper anyway. Compatibility may not be a major requirement in choosing your mates!

Lovely pictures... Not a creature in sight... We were expecting rain today -- supposedly violent storms -- but except for about 1/2 this afternoon, it was dry. The storms that I suppose went around us did relieve the humidity a bit... I'm quite comfortable tonight (for a change).

Enjoy your weekend, Dave.
Michael Manning said…
Fantastic photography and a lifetime of memories from just this one morning!

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