Dawn in Beaver Tunnel

I got another early start this morning and decided to try to get more pictures of the beaver in that tunnel.

This first picture is of my kayak on the dock as I walked down to the lake to get under way. It was still a little dark but the sun was almost up.

This next picture is of two beaver in that tunnel I mentioned yesterday. I was about 20 feet in, maybe 3/4 of the way, and the two beaver were warning me to stay back. I suspect their home was just on the other side of the tunnel.

It was too dark to see the critters clearly and even with the flash only their eyes were lit up. It was a little spooky 'cause they would slap their tails in warning--which is very loud in a small concrete tunnel--and each time it was a complete surprise since I had no visual cues that the noise was about to occur.

On the way back to my parents' house I met up with this Blue Heron. He seemed to be guarding a boathouse. As sentries go, he seemed quite serious. Maybe he was just scouting out the best fishing spots...


kenju said…
Maybe he was looking for the beavers, too!
simplycol said…
I can't think of a better way to start the day.
srp said…
"I got another early start this morning"... d'ya think!!!
Does your friend know you insinuate that she snores? When Nyssa was four she told a neighbor that "she could hear me sleeping from upstairs."... not good.
I do love these colors but love my bed more.
Your pictures are always so beautiful. You always capture such amazing things with your camera. I am jealous of your talent.

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