car owner

I'm officially a car owner again. I received the title to my Elantra in the mail yesterday. As of tomorrow I'll have owned it for 2 years and 10 months. Since I usually keep cars for 6 years that means 3 years and 2 months before I have to deal with car payments again. I'm quite happy with the car and if it holds up well, I might keep it past the 6 year point. Hell, given the weakness of the economy---I might HAVE to keep it longer than 6 years.

In other news, my heels are finally healing over. Only one of the blisters I got last week while hiking is still weeping. And that's only a little bit over the course of a full day at work. Soon I'll be able to go hiking again! Now if it'd just cool off a little bit. Hiking in 90+ weather is not a lot of fun.


kenju said…
Isn't it great to be without a car payment!? Congrats.

Maybe you could hike in the early morning when it's cooler?
rosemary said…
I paid off one of our 2 cars in February....felt good. Now I am chipping away at the other car. Subaru's...both Foresters...we have no imagination.
That not having a car payment thing is soooo nice!
srp said…
I have had my 2000 Honda for nine years now... got it in May of 2000. It has 80,000 miles on it. No I don't drive a whole lot anymore. I paid it off in 2003 and it DOES feel good not to have that payment. No plans for any replacement any time soon. I expect it will last another 80000 miles at least.
Teresa said…
I'm a 10 yr owner... that seems to be when the car falls apart. Of course, I currently don't have a car (technically, that is... my 90 Acclaim is in pieces at my brother's house and I do have the title to it).
My sister just totaled one of her cars last week and is really mad that she'll probably have to finance a replacement. The car payment is an annoyance to be sure.
Thumper said…
Congrats! I love the feeling of paying a car off. And it bites that it'll be 4 years before we pay one of ours off.

I hope that Elantra lasts you a long, long time!

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