Bees bug Me

By and large I don't mind insects. At least as long as they're not crawling on me, that is. In fact I love to take pictures of insects since they're so foreign looking.

But I draw the line when they sting me. And an unprovoked "sting" at that.

Take a gander at Exhibit A over there to the left. I know it looks weird from that angle but I assure you, it's just my arm. The back of the left arm, to be specific. That wrinkled thing is my left elbow pictured from the rear. Kinda freaky looking, huh?

Hmph. If we can get off the topic of how odd my arm looks for a moment, I'd like to point out how red and swollen the poor arm is. A bee or hornet---I never saw it so I'm not sure what it was---flew up to me and stung me as I was walking across my parent's driveway on Sunday evening just before I packed up my car for the trip home. It was odd 'cause I was just minding my own business, not near any nest or food source. Damn bugs!

The back of my arm still feels overly warm today but the swelling is almost gone. And thank god it doesn't itch anymore. That arm was driving me crazy Sunday night and Monday morning.


tiff said…
Stupid bugs.
Thumper said…
Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow.

(bonus points if I figured out it was your elbow before reading?)

Think how bad that would be if you were allergic...
The unprovoked sting is why I hate bees. All bees. You might want to take some Benedryl for that....Ouch!
kenju said…
That looks horrible! Maybe you are developing an allergy to them.
rosemary said…
I have seem pics of my two bug adventures!
srp said…
In my experience,from being stung by both.. the hornet hurts much worse. Had a bee fly up out of produce in a grocery store and sting me on my neck... and I was in scrubs too.. what was it thinking... had a death wish I guess. It died more quickly than it would have by simply losing it's stinger into my skin... I slapped it and smashed it flat. Now a neck sting is painful, no matter how you get it.

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