Stormy Weather

We had some bad weather pass through Eastern NC today. Lots of really bad winds and rain just west of me, around Winston-Salem, even some reports of tornadoes.

Where I am we only got some sporadic rain but what seemed to be a big funnel cloud passed just behind my house, as you can see below. Since the wind never got all that bad, I guess it was just a temporary downdraft that pushed upper level clouds down near the ground but it looked scary.

The picture above was taken just about 2 minutes before the picture below, I lightened up the foreground a bit so you could see my backyard in the first picture. The second picture is more like what it really looked like. Yet within 5 minutes it all blew far enough to my east so that I couldn't see it anymore. The clouds loosened up a little while it was moving but it didn't blow apart. I don't know if that's good or bad, but like I said above---it was never all that windy where I was. I've had a few tornadoes pass near me while I lived in Georgia and this didn't seem anything like that. Neat pictures tho.


Teresa said…
I'm really getting tired of rain. That cloud does look dangerous, Dave. Luckily nothing like that is happening here, but we are having some heavy rain and thunder. I'm pretty insulated in my part of the house though -- the older part of the house has at least 3 layers of brick (we think the one side has 4 layers) -- so I'm not aware of it until it gets really noisy and heavy. The dog knows though and takes cover by the staircase. We're expecting another 3 days of this stuff... it "should" be dry on Sunday, but I'm not sure that they aren't just trying to put a good spin on at least that part of the weekend. We'll see....
srp said…
You post these pictures and on the day my daughter leaves to go on a three week storm chaser class in the midwest. Great! They have a blog to let us know where they are and what they are doing... but I am not sure I want to know. I asked her if they were coming east to chase storms and she said no, the eastern tornadoes were too wrapped in rain to be able to chase effectively, so they are going west of the Mississippi. Who knew?

During one of the many tornado watches this week, one decided to touch down about four miles from our house. Too close for comfort!
Nikki-ann said…
Wow, we don't get clouds like that in this country!

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