Two weeks ago I talked about some staining I was doing but never showed a picture from the final rinse. Here's one of the slides that I didn't use in my presentation.

That post also talked about an injury to my hand and that's still bothering me a little. Fortunately it's almost healed. I hate it when boo-boos last several weeks. Usually I heal faster. On the other hand, I seem to have found a new problem. I might be having issues with mitral valve prolapse. It sure does make taking my morning pulse a lot more interesting.


kenju said…
Welcome to the MVP club! Maybe you will have to take Toprol, as I do. It keeps things under control.
srp said…
What was the antibody you used for the endothelial cells?
utenzi said…
Comments from the two readers that know the most about staining slides. A pathologist and a retired cyto-tech.

I'd have to check my notes to see what Ab I was using for those. I think the primary was FKBP, Roxanne.

Thanks for the welcome, Judy. Of course I'd just as soon not be in the club, but it's nice to have company like yours since I guess my membership isn't going to lapse anytime soon. I wasn't so sure the other morning. I even cleaned up my hard drive a bit before going into work.

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