Spending and Northern Exposure

Weird weather so far this May. We've broken century old heat records more than once this month but we've also had a number of unusually cold days and overnight lows approaching the 30s on several occasions. And a lot of rain. It's been quite a roller coaster so far.

My job has been reflecting that up and down pattern. My lab published an article today in Cancer Research and we should be writing up our next one around the end of the month. If we submit it in June it might see print before the end of the year. On the downside, my position doesn't look like it's going to be funded for next year so unless we get some last minute money I might be hitting the streets in July. But that's the way it goes in academic research. The money is never guaranteed, that's why we refer to grant supported jobs as being reliant on "soft money".

And I unfortunately seem to be in a Amazon mode and keep buying things on there. Yesterday I bought a relatively inexpensive electric chipper/shredder and today I bought the box set of Northern Exposure DVDs. In my defense, I'll have a lot of free time to watch television while I look for a job. These DVDs might help keep me sane. LOL I'll just have to stop eating for a while--and maybe not bother with heating and cooling the house as well.

I really deliberated quite a while on the Northern Exposure deal. It was one of those Gold Box deals and was assigned a 3-hour time slot. I suspected it was going to sell out early so I kept my eye on it. When 98% of the available DVD sets had sold, I decided to buy. 3 minutes after that they were all sold out. I just hope that $90 I spent doesn't turn out to be critical later on...


Malibu Stacy said…
"I'll just have to stop eating for a while--and maybe not bother with heating and cooling the house as well."

I don't see this happening.
utenzi said…
Just wait until I have no job... that's when austerity budgets set in. If nothing else, losing some weight would be good for me. I weigh 100 lbs more now than I did in high school! (and I'm not any taller, only wider)
Malibu Stacy said…
You're welcome to cheap out on groceries, but when it comes to thermostat abstemiousness, you are likely to encounter strenuous objections. And possibly being duct-taped to your chair.
Teresa said…
Bad title, David! Employment and Spending... Research and Northern Exposure... just plain "But I want it!" You knew that though, right?

I also can't quite believe that you weighed 100 lbs less in high school.... you were WAY too thin if that's the case. You are heavier than you should be, but nowhere near 100 lbs too heavy. Sheesh!

As for the job thing... I hope you don't lose your job, but you could always use those Northern Exposure episodes to familiarize yourself with your new environment when you become a wildlife photographer. You've been training for sometime now.... (I see many possibilities for you future, my dear!)
Utopia said…
congratulations on the publication(s).
kenju said…
I loved Northern Exposure!!

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