Risotto Friday

Today was a killer. My boss was making a lot of demands on my time. Since I'd not gotten to sleep until nearly 5am I really wasn't on top of my game. In fact I was friggin' useless.

First thing this morning I took some notes on a cartoon-style illustration that my boss wanted of a chemical pathway. She kinda described what she needed and my poor frazzled brain did the interpreting. I don't have a lot of hope for the results but I won't start on that until Sunday. Anyway, that's for a grant she'll be turning in at the end of next week. Then I took pictures of several groups of slides that I'd worked on during the week. I was using a great new microscope that the imaging lab bought this month but it still takes a lot of time to get good photos. By the time I finished them it was nearly 1pm and my brain was crashing.

Somehow I made it to 4:30pm by doing a lot of errands that required walking to different buildings on campus. If I hadn't done so much walking I'd have surely zonked out right at my desk. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

By the grace of god it was a good thing that Julie was famished when I got home 'cause having dinner ---yes, that risotto with chicken that you see below--- by 6pm was a lifesaver. The time span from 8pm to 10pm involved a long nap that was medically necessary. Of course now I'll be good to go until at least 10am and then I'll crash and burn again. Good thing I have until Tuesday morning to get my bio-clock set correctly again.

This risotto was just so incredibly good. And I didn't even lift a finger in the prep this time. I was so lazy. I did take some pictures of the prep work, but that's as close as I got to doing any work. It's a male-thing, y'know?

((according to Julie, it's a spoiled Dave thing but she's wrong))


Teresa said…
It's a spoiled Dave thing.

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