The Next Project

This first picture is of Beef Shank and Sausage Ragù which we had for dinner tonight. It was okay but the strong taste of the Ragù was diluted by the pasta. It was still good, of course, but not as outstanding as we had expected. I really liked the sparkling wine we had with it though!

This next picture is my upcoming project. I need to repaint my deck and since I had "red barn" colored paint leftover from when I painted my shed, I decided to use it on my deck. You can see the new and old colors in the picture below. I did a small segment today to see how the color would look, tomorrow I'll paint the deck floorboards and toprails 'cause they get the most weathering. Julie might help. During the rest of the week I'll do all the detail work on the rails and such. Wheee!


Malibu Stacy said…
No comments? It's clear we're going to need to develop some weekend activities that are more fascinating and photogenic - without having to resort to the cheap sensationalism of casual nudity that you keep suggesting.
utenzi said…
Huh? Do I know you?
rosemary said…
Obviously Malibu Stacy has been in the sun way too long...
I love barn red on outside wood.....and i may make spaghetti for dinner now that I saw your photo of nude noodles with that bare ragu.
tiff said…
Cut it out with all the FOOD posts! They're making me hungry!

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