Mother's Day in the Garden

I called my Mom and wished her a Happy Mother's Day a little after 8am. I knew she and Dad were driving to Atlanta that morning and I didn't want to miss them. My brother has a new puppy and my parents were driving over to Georgia to go see the critter. I hear it's quite cute but I've not seen any pictures yet.

Here at home, Mom's Day was spent putting Julie to work. That's her back over there on the left, slaving away in front of my porch. I've let that area really go wild and we spent part of the day taming it a little. Below you can see a picture of Julie standing triumphant behind some piles of trimmed limbs that are nearly as big as she is.

Having electricity back today was very nice. The weather was still on the cool side so we didn't need the A/C but working out in the sun was quite warm. Even at 68f you work up a sweat. We even managed to work up sufficient thirst to drink our last 2 Smirnoff Passion Fruit malt beverages. *ugh* We picked up a 6-pack on Saturday morning 'cause Julie likes the taste of passion fruit. Big mistake! Those things tasted more like the sewage from a passion fruit packing plant. Nasty! I think in the future we're going to stick to sparkling wine with dinner and soda (me) and water (Julie) earlier in the day.

We watched Journey to the Center of the Earth (Brendan Fraser version) in the early afternoon. Julie seems to have an odd appreciation for the questionable charms of Mr Fraser. In any case, despite being obviously targeted for a young audience, the movie was quite a bit of fun. Both of us made fun of the sciencey stuff but that just made us enjoy it all the more. We both like to criticise movies, you see.

Back to work tomorrow. Oh, boy!


tiff said…
I'm begining to warm to this Julie person. :)
utenzi said…
Me too Tiff but don't tell anyone.
Nina said…
Glad you had such a wonderful time. I will read on and discover the wonders of Julie. She seems lovely.

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