Meet the Parents

Like I mentioned yesterday, tonight was "meet the parents" night for me. It's been a while since I've had to do this. My last few relationships have been remarkably relative free. But no longer---Julie's parents have a house just a few miles from hers, her sister lives right around the corner from them and one of Julie's brothers is just a half hour away in Wake Forest. Eeeek.

That's the start of a bean dip that Julie put together after work for the family gathering. Three of the attendees had recent birthdays and one of the brothers, the one living in CA, was married 3 months ago. Lots of reason for some celebrating, eh?

This is a cat. I don't approve of the species but do admit they often are photogenic. We promptly grilled him up after this picture was taken. Only evil animals were harmed in the making of this post. We promise!

The name was Tifa, aka Cream. RIP. (btw, I didn't detect even a hint of cream taste---just goes to show, don't believe advertising)

Away from cats and over to the party. Julie, her two kids and I arrived promptly at 6pm. Bells on our collective toes and all that.

It was fun, actually. It's always good policy to find the root of the neuroses in our significant others. In all seriousness, I can't see enough material in her family to account for Julie's baggage. I think she must have generated it all on her own. :-)

This is Julie's niece Lily either trying to hide from me or inspect her Mom's armpit. I see many years of analysis in that kid's future. According to Lily, her winged outfit made her a "Weather Fairy." That might account for all the storms we've had here of late. It appears that she's a temperamental little fairy with a penchant for thunder and lightning.

Dinner! Lots of grilled chicken and pork. For the health conscious there was also salad, portobello burgers, pasta, etc. Not that any of that stuff hit my plate, you must realize. Just meat for me!


I told you that you would fare just fine at the family meet up!

And here I thought *I* was the weather fairy - well, at least I am on some social networking site! LOL.
tiff said…
That last pic doesn't look like cat at all. You LYING to us?
Teresa said…
I don't know, Dave. Scaring fairies, eating the pets, dissing half the menu....
Bob-kat said…
Poor kitty...

Glad it all went well, even if you did seem to frighten the children ;-)
rosemary said…
That last that a dish from your lab under the BBQ'd cat?
srp said…
I can see why the cat has that look on its face.... cats know when people don't like them... they can stare daggers... no, really... real daggers! You better be careful if you think about cooking the cat... they read minds. They plot revenge. They use more of their walnut sized brains than most humans use of theirs.

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