House Call

I've been barraged lately by Email ads for Mother's Day gifts. ProFlowers is the worst culprit. They've been sending me at least 2 Emails a day for the past few days and a couple a week for the month leading up to now. *whew*

And in a weak moment I eventually succumbed and bought this.

16 pink tulips and 16 blue iris in a clear glass vase. Kinda pretty if you like that sorta thing. I wonder if Judy ever used Internet florists? She's rather hooked into the local shops due to working in the industry for a few decades. Before that she was a cytotechnologist, if I recall correctly. Anyway, pink and purple are colors that my Mom likes so hopefully she'll forgive me not making a house call this coming Sunday. I can't get out of work on either Friday or Monday and I hate driving that far for just a day or so. And besides, my parents are going to be in Atlanta on Sunday anyway so it'd be a very short visit.

And speaking of House calls, what do you think of recent developments on House? Those hallucinations of Amber were charming at first but last night's episode got a little chilly. Amber (House's Id, I guess) was getting evil and nasty. Yikes. Oh, and someone I know probably nearly had a fit. House said "that's what she said" on the previews for next week and I strongly suspect that could send some people over the edge. No names mentioned, of course.

We were talking about the recent episodes at work today and one of my coworkers thinks that the season closer will have House either contemplating suicide or actually doing it with the outcome up in the air all Summer long. I don't think that's the note that they're going to end the season on but it would certainly be the sort of thing they do. Like maybe swallow a whole bottle of Oxycodone. I think he's going to move in with Cuddy and adopt that baby as his own. Fake!


kenju said…
Thanks, Dave. No, I never use internet florists and I don't recommend them. You spend way too much money for what you get and most of it goes to the "order taker" and not the florist who actually fills the order. By the time the order taker gets her cut, the amount spent on the flowers is piddling. I hope your mom will actually get something that resembles the photo, but I doubt it. If she does, it will be a miracle.
Teresa said…
I really don't like tulips when they are cut... just too sad. I hope not to get flowers for Sunday.

I missed last night's episode of House due to being abducted at the last minute (not really an abductions, but I did leave quickly for a few hours), so I'll have to wait to see what you are talking about. However, last week, I was thinking that Wilson was headed for suicide and Amber was warning House. I can't remember why that thought entered my mind, but House committing suicide never entered my mind and I'll consider that one laughable for now. Ha!~~~

Oh... I hate the red deck. Not that my opinion matters. I'll bet you still haven't fixed that front door for me!
utenzi said…
Judy, you might be right. I'll have my Mom take a picture when she gets them so that I can see what they look like.

Tazz, I'm no fan of that color either. I only used it 'cause I had an almost full can left over and no where else to use it. Front door? Do you mean the screen door with the sticky lock? That's the only front door issue I can think of. I keep a screwdriver by the front door so I can make quick fixes to the lock.

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