Hiking after Work

After work today I went on a 6pm hike at Occoneechee Mt in Hillsborough, NC.

I love this first picture. The light is amazing and the leaves have a quality... that's just hard to describe. I wish I could get shots like this more often.

This second shot is similar to ones I've taken before, at this park as well as many others. I just love the effect of small green plants taking over trees.

And here's a similar theme though carried out in the midst of Eno River this time. Still, a tree laying down with little green cousins living on it. And to be honest here, I did tweak the greens a bit in Photoshop. I couldn't help myself---it was just too dull without the extra oomph!


Malibu Stacy said…
Lovely, but there is a disappointing lack of Spiderman.
utenzi said…
I think he stays in NYC. Have you ever seen him in Malibu?
Malibu Stacy said…
Let's just say I've seen evidence of him.
kenju said…
That last shot looks like an alligator in disguise.
tiff said…
FERNS live in NC? Be still my heart. Love 'em.

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