Grills and Weather

The weather forecasts for this weekend seemed nearly universal in their declarations for rain.

And while the weather had a lot of very dark patches today, they were shuffled in with lovely blue skies and moderate temperatures with low humidity. And oddly enough, not a drop of rain despite the oft threatening skies. Odd, huh?

As a result we were able to enjoy burgers on the grill outside in the wonderful weather. I hope they're wrong about tomorrow too. It's forecast with a 70% chance of rain.

The one nice thing about rain would be washing away all this pollen. This has been a horrible year for allergies and cleaning up the air with a good rain storm would probably help a lot. *ahhh-cho*


kenju said…
We had horrendous rain here in Raleigh on Sat. and again today, all day long. Hope your birthday was a happy one.
rosemary said…
rain, thunder and hail in my neck of the woods. Happy belated birthday Dave. 39? We grill in the dead of winter....Just haul the grill under the roof and fire it up.
srp said…
Well, the rains came... and came... and came... at least an inch here. And with the wind. Right now it has cleared off and is windy. Oh yes, and COLD!!! 58 degrees by my thermometer.. who knows what the wind chill is. I have opened the windows and have a great crossbreeze going... a little too good though.... brrrr.... where is my sweater?
tiff said…
It' rained like crazy where we are - and yeah, the pollen was significantly decreased as a result. NICE!

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