Froggie Door Decoration

This little guy was visiting with me over the weekend. I labeled the picture since it's not easy to see him until you're close up. These pictures were taken on Saturday while BBQing up some burgers.

While you'd not guess it from his size, that little guy really could make himself heard. It was a very horny frog. It would even belt out an occasional crooning note or two while we were standing right there. I'm sure in its tiny little froggie brain it was thinking "big critters nearby---must be quiet" but then it couldn't help itself.

Of course once we went back in the house he would really let loose. The decibel impact was amazing. That frog could really belt out those notes. I'm not saying he sounded good, mind you, but he sure did have volume.

Above is a close up of the fellow while he was squeezed into the trim alongside my door. He must have climbed up the Masonite siding of the house and then used the door trim like he would have a tree branch. How imaginative of him. Below, you can see him later that night in the tree next to my deck. At least I assume it's the same frog. He sure sounded the same.


srp said…
They are so loud here too.. it seems several set up shop out in the swamp and have a choir rehearsal all night!
Nikki-ann said…
Great shots :) Next door's cat Charlie likes to eat frogs, so he's best of your side of the pond than mine!
kenju said…
You should hear them here at night by and in our pool. They have babies to make!!

I used to have some that hung on my kitchen window all spring and summer. They were there every night; catching insects that were drawn to the light I left on.
Bob-kat said…
What a sweet little critter. Perhaps he had a microphone and amp? :D
Blonde Goddess said…
He is adorable. I love frogs! Now snakes on the other hand terrify me!
Nina said…

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