DVDs, Pepsi and mayhem

I picked up 3 DVDs at the library at work today. I had a step that took 45 unattended minutes to complete so I used that time to walk over to the library and back. These are the movies I ended up with:

  • In the Electric Mist

  • You Don't Mess Around with the Zohan

  • Bangkok Dangerous

Two of the movies are based on books that I've read so it'll be interesting to see how good a job they do. The third movie isn't intended for people that can read so it'd be useless to base it on a book, eh?

After work I went walking around an old NASCAR track that dated back to the 1940s. There were 8 of us on the walk. It was interesting to see pictures of the old dirt tracks they used back then. Quite narrow compared to the racetracks now--I doubt more than 2 cars could have been side by side before paint would be rubbed off amidst the sound of screeching metal.

An update to the glowing review I gave last week regarding the natural sugar Pepsi. I've changed my mind. Give me back the high fructose syrup. The "real" sugar has a taste that's too muted. Soft... boring. After having a second can, I decided I didn't like it so much. And by the end of the 3rd can I'd decided I liked the original much better. Sorry Sugar!

The mayhem in the post title refers to the potential for disaster tomorrow. Julie's invited me to a little gathering at her sister's house where all her family will be gathered. Eeeek! Both parents and all 3 siblings plus some assorted offspring of Julie and her siblings. Likelihood of my survival is minimal.


Malibu Stacy said…
You had a good run while it lasted.
You're charming. I'm sure you'll fit right in! :-)
rosemary said…
Just remember your manners....you will do fine. No belching or looking at boobs.
Teresa said…
I'm not sure about the movies... but I'm sure you'll have lots to say about it.

I could advise you on the "adventurous outing", but I suspect you'll be fine. Unless they're the type to stare and point, that is... I'm kidding, of course. You are somewhat socialized. :)

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