That nap yesterday was very nice. However it gave me a bit too much energy at the wrong time. I stayed up until 7am! And Julie was awake most of that time also. In fact, at 3am we made cookies.

This is Julie chopping up some bittersweet chocolate. It had a strong "chocolaty" smell but all in all I prefer milk chocolate. She did assure me that milk chocolate was not ideal for baking but I still wanted to give it a shot. She said "no."

That's the wet ingredients in the bowl above and below you can see the oatmeal and chocolate added into the mixture. It's starting to look pretty good, y'know?

And below are the finished cookies. They weren't quite as good as we were hoping but still tasted fine. The liquor that we were sipping was surprisingly tasty too. A very low alcohol content combined with a high sugar content added up just fine to me. No need for butterscotch cookies when you have a little of this liquid around.

And this is Julie scolding me for trying to eat cookies too soon. I can be bad that way.


srp said…
I'm with you... I prefer the milk chocolate, although the dark chocolate is much better for you.. but then, who likes what is better for you. Eat greens, avoid sugar, keep weight down..... die anyway.
utenzi said…
Great summary, Roxanne. I wish all MDs had as realistic an attitude as you do.
Used*to*be*me said…
We used to call those bear crap cookies. I think I want to make some now. Lucky for me I've removed all things chocolate from my house. Did your recipe call for peanut butter? Mine does and they're simply divine...

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