Blisters at Occoneechee

Let's start this post off on the right foot, well, actually the left foot as it turns out...

It might not be pretty, but that is my left foot up there. What's left of it, anyway.

I received some blisters during a hike on Wednesday evening at Occoneechee Park. My own fault, of course. I broke several of the cardinal rules of hiking that day. I wore shoes that I'd never had on before, they were also not for walking trails, and they didn't fit very well. Given all that, it's not surprising that I got blisters.

This is taken from the observation post on top of a cliff overlooking the quarry at Occoneechee. Pretty view. Much nicer looking than my disfigured foot.

Several of the other members of my hiking group are seen here descending a steep hill with the sun shining behind them. Being back lit like that can be very dramatic!

Here we are descending yet another hill. This place is full of them. They might not be very high but there's just so many short climbs...

And this last picture is of a calming topic. A mossy log on the side of the path with lots of lovely green ferns keeping it company. It was so pretty I almost forgot my blisters. Almost but not quite!


kenju said…
You should know better, Dave. Take care of those blisters. The photos are great.
Blonde Goddess said…
Nice photographs.
The blisters look terrible. There's nothing worse to deal with. I hope they don't give you too much trouble.
srp said…
I love these wild ferns... I wonder what kind they are. We have a recessed area in front of the house that gets no light and I am planting ferns, hosta and astilbe for color. When I asked at the nursery, they said that many will grow outside fine but only a few types of fern will weather the winter. These look like they are growing amazingly well.
Deana said…
I hate blisters but the hike looks fun.

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