Behind the Camera

I don't have many pictures of myself outdoors because usually it's me holding the camera.

The hike this past Tuesday was an exception to that 'cause Jay, one of the other hikers in the group, also was taking pictures.

This picture here was one that I took as 4 members of the group started climbing a set of rock steps.

As you can see in the picture below, as I was taking the picture there on the left, Jay, in turn, was taking a picture of me taking the picture. A few minutes later we were at the top of the quarry and Jay took a picture of me looking down into the gravel pit.

Jay's pretty sneaky. I was never aware that he was taking any pictures of me. The first I knew was when he posted them online today at the hiking website.

New topic. What do you think of how they're closing out the season on some of these TV shows? I was a little surprised at the ending of House but was really surprised at what led up to that point. I was fooled by the sex twist, that's for sure. The wedding was a nice touch but very cliche for a season closer. So many shows close out seasons by either killing a big character or marrying off someone.

Yep. That's me over there taking the picture.

I watched the season closer of NCIS last night and I'll tell you, I'm getting tired of that show. They're getting too ER-like for me. NCIS used to be a good police procedural but now it seems that every season they have to fill the shows with grand gestures. That's why I stopped watching ER 6 or 7 years ago. Shark jumping became a weekly occurrence, dammit.

Lie to Me was fairly interesting but didn't seem like a season closer to me. I thought it was one of the weaker episodes of the season.

Me again. Just my back this time.

Doesn't it look kinda like I'm about to jump? LOL Fat chance! The way I hate heights, you'll never find me taking a high dive off of anything. No matter what. Hell, I don't like to look down when I'm wearing boots with heels on them.


rosemary said…
Don't watch any of those shows....The medical ones irritate me with their supposed accuracy. Good photo of the photo taker.
kenju said…
Looks like fun.

I didn't see House; I may want to get an email from you with what happened.
Carmi said…
It's good to see you in-frame. I wrestle with the same thing in that I pretty much live behind the lens, so photos of me are few and far between.

I think this weekend will be a good one for a hike. Thanks for the inspiration!

Popped in from Tanya's on this lovely Friday morning. I guess now I have to get back to writing.
Shephard said…
Amazing view.
I'm with you.. not overly appreciative of heights, but views are great!
colleen said…
I hate when shows end with a traditional wedding. Weddings and babies being born are so cliche and they seem to get them wrong.

Hey,is it true it's your birthday tomorrow, May 17th. Mine too!

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