We actually did what we planned and made risotto last night.

To be more honest, Julie did almost all of it. I was just enlisted for small chores that were peripheral to the main endeavor. I did open a bottle of Riesling though and that helped move things along. As you can see to the left, it looked very pretty.

I got home around 45 minutes before Julie arrived. I quickly straightened a few things out in the house, then changed my clothes and pulled the mower out of my shed. I'd not started it up yet and due to lots of rain the lawn was out of control. The half hour before Julie's arrival gave me just enough time to mow down the worst spots.

Since I'm going to SC soon for a day or so--my Mom's 70th birthday--I wanted to get the lawn under control before leaving. I'll cut it shorter when I get back. This was just a get-to-know-one-another mowing.

Back to the risotto: even better than the taste was the fragrance. It smelled wonderful. The mushrooms and sausage combined for a wonderful taste and a heavenly fragrance. I ate a bowl full and had not other events conspired to remove me from the table, I'd have had another bowl.

Since I'm wide awake at 4am after cleaning up the kitchen and eating a bunch of cookies maybe I will have that second bowl. Seriously folk, this is good stuff. It's hard to believe that it's just rice with mixed veggies and sausage in it. And a lot of stirring.


kenju said…
It looks amazing! I had risotto in San Francisco once; wild asparagus and rare beef with mushrooms and truffles. It was so good it took my breath away.

I'd love the recipe for that, Dave.
Teresa said…
I don't eat rice, but would probably enjoy the smell... LOL.

Thank goodness for conspiring events though.. It sounds like you'd find that dish irresistible otherwise. Distractions are good -- sometimes.
David said…
sounds like you had a very nice evening
I always enjoy cooking together with friends.
( what, David, as opposed to cooking with enemies?... I'm weird)

here from Netchick, so now you can go back there, did you see the ad for mowing the lawn?
Thumper said…
Except for the mushrooms (allergic) that looks very, very good.

Great, now I'm hungry. I am going to go in search of something edible, and not ponder what was so important to you couldn't stay at the table for another bowl ;)

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