Risotto Friday

This Friday it was decided that we would try out a different recipe for Risotto. This one has a more Spring-like feel what with the fresh herbs and veggies...

You can see some of the ingredients over there on the left. What's missing is the rice, which was already in the pot, and the chicken broth which was heating in another pot.

You can see the chicken broth being added to the pot in the picture below. It's not exactly an exciting photo but I was amused to see some stray droplets caught in the flash trying their best to escape the heat.

My conclusion on the risotto? I loved the peas and leeks but Italian ham has never been something I liked. In the future I'll just leave the meat out. Unless it's sausage. I do love Italian sausage. Yum.

Chicken stock being added.

The final ingredients being added to the rice.

On the plate, about to be eaten.


srp said…
I would leave out the rice... rice and I only agree in a few forms... Chinese fried rice is fine, but I have never loved the meat and rice casseroles... never mind that rice is right up there with potatoes as the foods that push up your blood sugar. I don't let my mom have it.

I think it's great that you try all these new recipes..... it must be the researcher in you. ; )
Malibu Stacy said…
Chicken brother? Which aisle is that in?
utenzi said…
Everyone's a critic! Typo corrected.
Malibu Stacy said…
Everyone may be a critic, but apparently only a few of us are proofreaders.

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