Quiet Saturday

It was a very quiet Saturday. While we got up early, we didn't seem to get much done before going out to a Mexican restaurant for lunch at 11am. The heat was our excuse---mid to upper 80s all weekend long---but I think basic laziness was the root of the problem.

Here I am later in the day, when it was cooler outside than inside, and Julie and I were out on the deck enjoying the breeze. An awning over our heads to keep that nasty sun off was essential.

Here I am socializing a bit with a local. He didn't talk much and after a while kinda bugged me.

And after taking a number of useless photos, I finally settled in with a book. Damn allergies made my eyes watery though and it was hard to read. *ahhhh-cho*


kenju said…
Pollen has made reading outside impossible for me for a while.

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